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Transforming agriculture
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Welcome to a new era of tech-enabled farming.

Creating a new path to prosperity for farmers.

Ensuring the Nation’s food stability.

Welcome to Zuari FarmHUB

Harness knowledge and technology to deliver precision farming

Agriculture contributes 18 percent to India’s GVA. 40 percent of our population depend on it for employment.

This critical pillar needs to be greatly strengthened by leveraging the giant strides that have been made in Agri sciences, Agritech and Sustainable Nutrient development to improve farming outcomes. Putting money back in the hands of the farmers.

The key is to deliver the benefits of these to farmers directly on a large scale. In a manner that is easily accessible and affordable. Not easy to do in a vast country like ours where farming practices and patterns vary almost district by district.

Zuari FarmHUB is but one of the few who has the knowledge, the capability, the reach and last mile presence to do so. In geo after geo. season after season, crop after crop. This mission has gained tremendous momentum and is driving visible transformation in farming methods and outcomes. This has established us as the leader in integrated tech-led farming solutions and services.

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Meet The Leaders

Madan Pandy

Madan Pandey,

MD and CEO

Prasanna HK

Prasanna HK,

Chief Financial Officer

Balaya Moharana

Balaya Moharana,

Chief Technology Officer

Anand Ron

Anand Ron,

Business Head (Retail)

Our Strengths

We work alongside farmers, producers, governments, and other organisations to maximise farm productivity in a sustainable manner. Our crop nutrients, agronomy expertise and technology tools enable farmers to address every variable of cropping such as moisture levels, pest stress, soil conditions and unpredictable climate. Our team of expert agronomists and agri-technologists offer research-driven and analytics-based advice for all aspects of integrated farm management.

The FarmHub Value Chain:
From Manufacturing to Market Linkage enabled by Robust Tech Stack

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Thousands of touch points,
One FarmHUB

Zuari FarmHUB connects with over 12 million farmers

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R&D Centres of Excellence

Our R&D centres with state-of-the-art Agri Development Lab in Hassan, Baramati, Bhubaneshwar, Tirupati and Bengaluru are manned by the leading Agri Scientists and Ag-tech experts. We are constantly in the pursuit of developing, testing and releasing quantum improvements in farm productivity and yields. We focus on areas such as Nextgen Nutrients and blended fertilisers, Digital Agriculture, Foliar Innovations and advanced Soil Management.

These centres serve as Testing cum Training camps to provide farmers with soil diagnostics and customised cropping recommendations. Workshops are conducted here to impart new skills and techniques from time to time.


Zuari FarmHUB Numbers at a Glance

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Our Integrated Specialty Nutrient Manufacturing facility produces over 30+ varieties of Crop Nutrients, Water Soluble Fertilisers and Organic Fertilisers. Zuari FarmHUB has a production capacity of over 12,000 Metric Tonnes per year with a fully automated packaging unit and a dedicated freight hub to deliver our range of inputs to every part of the country.


Our responsibility

At Zuari FarmHUB we firmly believe in nurturing the community and the environment in which we operate.

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Zuari FarmHub launches water soluble fertiliser ‘Poorna Advanced’

Agritech firm Zuari FarmHub has partnered with Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd, a world leader in biological solution and announced the launch of its 100 per cent water soluble fertiliser ‘Poorna Advanced” with innovative LCO Promoter Technology. The LCO (Lipo-Chitooligosaccharide) Promote Technology acts as a signalling pathway between …

April 6, 2023

Agritech firm Zuari FarmHub partners with Novozymes South Asia to launch 100% water soluble fertilizer

Agritech company Zuari FarmHub has partnered with Novozymes South Asia, a leading player in biological solution, to launch 100% water soluble fertilizer -Poorna Advanced with innovative LCO Promoter Technology. This technology acts as a signaling pathway between the plant and the beneficial microbes in the soil near the plant’s roots. …

April 6, 2023