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The Indian farmer faces a slew of challenges like climate change, soil degradation, water scarcity, low productivity, input and output price volatility.

A vast majority of them are medium, small or marginal and are excessively dependent on the trade for all their inputs and market requirements.

They have very limited access to critical farm data, precision farming techniques, agri-technology or markets. These negatively impact farming outcomes.

Zuari FarmHUB is committed to help farmers to enhance their productivity and yield at every stage of the value chain. We have developed a unique “Phygital” Model which seamlessly provides farmers direct, hassle free and affordable access to critical farm inputs, services and markets through a variety of on-ground and online channels.

Our Phygital Model

Our Phygital Model

Part of the Adventz Group, Zuari FarmHUB draws on the rich legacy of over 50 years of expertise in agriculture and farmer engagement. Our people are deeply embedded in the community and work to ensure that the hands that feed 140 crore mouths have easy access to scientifically proven agricultural practices and products to ensure successful outcomes.

We in turn learn from them and ensure that our solutions meet their diverse needs across soil types, cropping patterns and cycles and are widely available at their doorstep.

These capabilities and rich experience are unmatched making Zuari FarmHUB the leading Agri-tech solution provider in India.