Markets for farm produce and commodities in India are highly unorganised and fragmented with very sparce digitisation or technology adoption. This creates inefficiency, wastage and cost over runs for almost all stakeholders along the value chain – from the farmers all the way to the consumers. Farmers in particular bear the brunt of this situation – resulting in very low income and rewards for the kind of effort they put in.

Zuari FarmHUB aims to change this with technology and digitisation employed organically in the food and produce value chain – ensuring each stakeholder benefits from being part of our Digital Platform that builds a robust network of producers, aggregators, suppliers, traders, retailers and consumers.

The platform provides free flow of information on quality, quantity, pricing and logistics cost of the produce to all stakeholders across the country, thus providing a very robust and transparent platform for discovery and transactions. The farmers can find buyers with best prices on offer and buyers can find quality and quantity they are looking for.