Agri inputs such as fertilisers, nutrients, seeds and insecticides are primarily sold through legacy retail. These outlets are not easily accessible and for the most stock local products of uncertain quality and sometimes even spurious brands. Farmers many of whom are not well informed on products available and their application, depend heavily on retailers for advice and hence are often victims of poor and ill-informed guidance. This is further compounded by availability and price fluctuation issues.

All this negatively impacts their ability to optimise productivity and yields.

Recognising this serious gap in the agri value chain. Zuari FarmHUB has introduced into own retail chain which serve as more than just a retail store. They have been conceptualised as one-stop agri solution and services hubs where farmers get everything they need to facilitate superior cropping outcomes with the assurance of right quality and at fair prices.

The Jai Kisaan Junctions are uncluttered environments which provide an authentic and pleasant modern retail experience backed by courteous and knowledge-based service, stable product availability, price predictability and access to a larger agri ecosystem.


Services currently include

  1. Wide variety of Jai Kisaan branded fertilisers, plant nutrients, seeds, Water soluble fertilisers, crop protection products. competition’s brands are also available.
  2. Farm equipment
  3. Farm advice and consultancy – Farmers can seek and receive advice on choice and scientific use of inputs from agronomy experts
  4. Farmer fora – organised crop meets and seminars with other farmers and experts on site and online for knowledge transfer on latest practices and innovations.

Services to be launched

  1. Cattle care products
  2. Micro finance services – loans, insurance
  3. Market linkages to access prices and buyers at various mandis to ensure revenue maximisation
  4. Touch screen kiosks for a variety of digitally enabled services – from expert advice, soil testing services, tech services such as drone hire and soil mapping to nationwide market prices and availability info access etc.
jai-kisaan-junctions-StoreExpansion jai-kisaan-junctions-StoreExpansion

There are at present 600+ Jai Kisaan Junctions spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal. Each Junction also serves as a hub for smaller markets in their respective trading areas. Zuari FarmHUB plans to expand this network to 1400 hubs in the next 3 years.

Thus the Jai Kisaan Junctions provide a critical and valuable link in the agri value chain.