The excessive use of bulk fertilisers has led to significant soil degradation. Farmers have to contend with pronounced deficiency in essential micronutrients such as Zinc, Boron etc. (which are needed to promote strong, steady crop growth and better harvest quality). And the loss of organic Carbon which inhibits soil’s ability to provide nutrients for sustainable plant production. Together this leads to lower and delayed crop yields.

deficiency-of-micronutrients deficiency-of-organic-carbon

Farmers are forced to use high quantities of fertilisers per hectare degrading the soil further and are yet realising lower yields.
Indian farming must look to sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to bulk fertilisers. Many farmers need to turn to less water dependent crop and shift to horticulture to better utilize land resources. There is also considerable headroom for the uptake of Crop Protection offerings to minimise farm losses.

Zuari FarmHUB is ideally poised to leverage and even accelerate these shifts.

fertiliser-response-diagram fertiliser-response-diagram

Our portfolio comprises of a comprehensive range of sustainable Speciality Nutrients and Crop Protection & Care products.
Under Jai Kisaan Speciality we offer Micronutrients, Soil Conditioners, Speciality Agri Fluids, Fertigation Products (Water Soluble Fertilisers).

Under Crop Care we offer a variety of Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Plant Growth Regulators.

Speciality nutrients range

Providing nutrients for all stages – sprouting to ripening

Our product range is designed to provide farmers with essential inputs right across the cropping cycle and giving them the crucial ability to mitigate the challenges of lower water availability, smaller land holdings, grow cash crops to supplement staples and the flexibility to turnover crops faster. And help them adopt newer and innovative techniques such as fertigation, foliar sprays and vertical farming to optimise use of scare resources.

This range is increasingly being manufactured in our own plants and is backed by intense R&D and rigourous field trials making them worthy of the Jai Kisaan name – one that generations of farmers have come to trust.

Available far and wide through our own Jai Kisaan Junctions and Traditional farm retail, Zuari FarmHUB proposes to ramp this up from a Rs. 300 Cr. Portfolio to over Rs. 1000 Cr. by 2024 through an aggressive portfolio extension and expansion strategy.